Dick Wolf’s Homicide: New York trailer finds the Law & Order creator returning to the Big Apple for a true-crime docuseries

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf debuts his Homicide: New York trailer, previewing the new true-crime docuseries for Netflix.

Dick Wolf, the creator of the beloved police procedural drama Law & Order, is partnering with Netflix for his next project, Homicide: New York. Debuting on March 20, today’s Homicide: New York trailer depicts the first chapter of a true-crime docuseries built with franchise potential. The next installment of the presentation, Homicide: Los Angeles, will launch later this year. Each series is five episodes long, with the project hailing from Wolf Entertainment, Dan Cutforth, and Jane Lipsitz’s Alfred Street Industries.

Homicide: New York explores the Big Apple’s most notorious murder cases by following the detectives and prosecutors who solved them. Wolf’s Homicide franchise is not part of his deal with Universal Studio Group.

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In the Homicide: New York trailer, law enforcement individuals share first-hand accounts of some of their gruesome cases. As the footage continues, we hear tales of murder, deception, and depravity happening in the City That Never Sleeps. The images conjured for each case are not for the faint of heart, with detailed descriptions digging deep into the horror humans are capable of. Don’t be surprised if the Homicide: New York trailer sends shivers down your spine as you learn about execution-style killings, Central Park slayings, and how solving extreme cases “takes a piece of your soul.”

Homicide: New York is Wolf Entertainment’s first series for Netflix. Dick Wolf is a titan in the true-crime television space. Wolf has nine current series across three franchises, including the Chicago and Law & Order franchises on NBC and the FBI dramas on CBS. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into any home in the United States and not find one of Wolf’s series playing on the television. I recall going to my friend Mish’s house throughout the week. Her mom always had an episode of Law & Order playing in the background as she constructed crafts between tending to her Farmville farm.

With no shortage of devastating cases to explore, it will be interesting to see which stories Wolf chooses to share for the docuseries. Will some of them sound familiar? Will people feel safe visiting the Concrete Jungle after hearing what Wolf’s series has to say? We’ll find out beginning on March 20 exclusively on Netflix. 

Source: Deadline

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