Adam Brody and Amanda Crew to experience The Wanting

Amanda Crew

Filipino director Yam Laranas's tenth feature film will be THE WANTING, a psychological thriller that began filming in Toronto yesterday. Laranas came up with the story idea with Gin de Mesa, with Donald Martin then handling the screenwriting duties.

Drawing comparisons to ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE EXORCIST, THE WANTING is set to star Adam Brody and Amanda Crew as 

an all-American couple whose dream of starting a family is shattered after they move into the perfect New England neighborhood. Once settled, they soon after descend into the depths of terror as they struggle to survive a genuine threat from a dark presence that appears to want to end their very lives.

That does not sound like a very pleasant moving experience at all.

Rob Heydon is producing the film, with Sid Ganis and Joni Sighvatsson serving as executive producers.

Most of Laranas's films have been made in the Philippines, with the characters speaking the Filipino and Tagalog languages, but he has ventured into English language films before, including with the 2008 horror offering THE ECHO, which was a remake of his own 2004 movie SIGAW.

Brody and Crew have both done genre work before, he most prominently in JENNIFER'S BODY and SCREAM 4, while she was in FINAL DESTINATION 3 and THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT.

Adam Brody

Extra Tidbit: How does THE WANTING sound to you?
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