Alan Robert's hit graphic novel Crawl To Me gets writers David White & T.J. Cimfel

Back in January we warned you that CRAWL TO ME - hit graphic novel from Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert - was being fashioned for a big-screen adaptation. SAW DP David A. Armstrong was then, and is still, attached to direct the picture, only difference being they now know who'll be adapting the script.

According to Noise Creep, David White and T.J. Cimfel have been hired to pen the CRAWL TO ME script. The duo also wrote SHUT-IN, and Cimfel wrote the horror script NO TELL MOTEL, which comes out next year. Here's what Robert said about the hire:

"It's exciting to watch this thing come to life by people who are super passionate about telling this story. Over the last few months, we've received about a dozen different treatments from various writers to adapt the property. I can safely say that T.J. and Dave's unique take on the material definitely stood out from the rest. We're extremely proud to announce that they've officially joined the team."

CRAWL TO ME takes place in an isolated country town during the frigid winter months, centers on a young family as they cope with a series of disturbing events that force them to question their relationship, their faith and their very existence.

Angel McCord stars in NO TELL MOTEL, here she is with sis Annaynne

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Source: Noise Creep



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