Alone/Dark 2 date!

Finally - finally - we've got word of when we might be able to feast our eyes upon ALONE IN THE DARK II. (I personally thought it should have went with: ALONE IN THE DARK, TOO.) The sequel to Uwe Boll's immortal classic has seen the light of day overseas, but has yet to hit our shores here in the States (despite the fact that it wrapped in mid-2008). But that's all gonna change come January.

Yes, according to Amazon, you can enjoy ALONE IN THE DARK II in your own home on JANUARY 26th. If you're thinking "Psshh, why the F*CK would I allow such an abomination into the place where I sleep and dream?" then you obviously don't know about its amazing cast. Rick Yune, Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, Natassia Malthe, Michael Pare, and P.J. Soles are just some of the people you'll find in this motion picture. It's like a Rob Zombie movie, only worse!

If you're just crapping yourself in anticipation, click right HERE to pre-order. Might be worth it, since Mr. Boll is only a producer on this one.

Extra Tidbit: Boll must have somethin' on Natassia Malthe.
Source: Amazon



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