Raze trailer shows Zoe Bell kicking some ass

RAZE will play at this year's Tribeca Film Festival on April 17th-28th in New York City and we've now got a trailer that features a couple of girls kicking a lot of ass — something you surely don't want to miss folks!

Directed by Josh C. Waller from a script by Robert Beaucage, this badass looking flick sports a pretty hefty cast of Rachel Nichols (P2), Zoe Bell (GRINDHOUSE), Tracie Thoms (DEATH PROOF), Sherilyn Fenn, Rebecca Marshall (SAW 3D), Doug Jones (PAN'S LABYRINTH), Bruce Thomas, Tara Macken (THE HUNGER GAMES), Adrienne Wilkinson, Nicole Steinwedell, Bailey Borders, Allene Quincy, Jordan James Smith, Amy Johnston, Victoria Cruz and Brianna Gage.

RAZE focuses on two abducted women and 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands, all for the sadistic enjoyment of an elite, voyeuristic society that follows one rule — “Fight or Die.

The trailer is below and it looks pretty ridiculous. I think this one is going to be a lot of fun, plus who wouldn't want to see Zoe Bell kicking some ass?

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Source: IGN



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