Bella Thorne has a dangerous obsession in the You Get Me trailer

You Get Me Bella Thorne Brent Bonacorso

Just over a year ago, we caught word that Bella Thorne, star of AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING (will it ever be released?) and the first victim in the Scream TV series, would be taking the lead in a thriller called YOU GET ME, the latest take on the FATAL ATTRACTION / PLAY MISTY FOR ME "dangerously obsessed woman" concept. 

Things have been quiet in regards to YOU GET ME since then, but now the trailer has arrived online and with it comes the announcement that the film will be available for viewing through Netflix's streaming service by the end of the month.

Written by Ben Epstein, creator of the MTV series Happyland, and directed by Brent Bonacorso, making his feature debut, YOU GET ME tells the following story: 

After a one-night stand, Holly develops a dangerous obsession with Tyler and transfers to his high school, desperate to keep their "romance" alive.

Thorne plays Holly, who "goes to desperate lengths to be with the boy she loves - even going so far as to commit murder." Her co-stars include Taylor John Smith, Halston Sage, Anna Akana, Nash Grier, Rhys Wakefield, and Garcelle Beauvais.

The trailer can be seen below, and if you want to watch Thorne's turn as a high school Glenn Close you'll be able to watch YOU GET ME on Netflix as of June 23rd.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching YOU GET ME?



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