Blumhouse's horror version of Fantasy Island coming in 2020

Truth or Dare Jeff Wadlow Lucy Hale

From 1977 to 1984 ABC aired a series called Fantasy Island, in which a seemingly immortal man called Mr. Roarke (played by Ricardo Montalban) would welcome guests to his private island with the promise of being able to bring their fantasies to life. A variety of supernatural beings appeared on the show over the years, including ghosts, gods, angels, and even the Devil himself... So while it seems odd that Blumhouse Productions has chosen to make a FANTASY ISLAND film that is said to be a horror take on the material, the idea that horrific things could happen on Roarke's island isn't completely out of left field.

Sony Pictures has set a February 28, 2020 release date for Blumhouse's FANTASY ISLAND, which is set to be directed by Jeff Wadlow from a screenplay he has written with Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs.

Wadlow previously directed TRUTH OR DARE (pictured above) for Blumhouse, and that film's star Lucy Hale is joining him on this project as 

one of the guests at a mysterious island where people can live out their fantasies — for a price.

Among Hale's co-stars will be Jimmy O. Yang, Portia Doubleday, Maggie Q, and Ryan Hansen, with Michael Pena as Mr. Roarke.

This isn't the first Fantasy Island revival to come along in the last thirty-four years. A reboot in which Malcolm McDowell took over the role of Mr. Roarke ran on ABC for 13 episodes in '98 - '99.

Source: Variety



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