Brace yourself for the international trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Aren’t we all incredibly lucky? Yesterday saw the debut of the teaser trailer for ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, AITH and Joblo.com got to go Vampire Hunting with Abe and we’ve had a bunch of new pictures show up. Today is no different, as the international trailer has now been released, with some new footage not seen in the teaser.

For me this looks like fun, I wasn’t the biggest fan of director Timur Bekmambetov’s previous film WANTED and this looks like it some of the same type of crazy action. However there just seems to be this real element of entertainment in amongst the crazy and I am willing to give it a shot. Check out the new trailer below!

When Abraham Lincoln was nine years old, his mother died from an ailment called the "milk sickness." Only later did he learn that his mother's deadly affliction was actually the work of a local vampire, seeking to collect a debt owed by Lincoln's father. When Abe learned the truth, he vowed revenge and kept one passion hidden throughout his life: the brutal elimination of all vampires. His valiant, bloody fight against the undead was all but lost to history, until Seth Grahame-Smith stumbled upon the secret journal of Abraham Lincoln.

Using the journal as his guide, Seth reconstructs Lincoln's life story and uncovers the role vampires played in the birth, growth, and near-death of our nation. You don't know Abe. Honest.

The film stars Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (below), Jimmi Simpson, Robin McLeavy, Alan Tudyk and Martin Csokas catch it on June 22nd!

Extra Tidbit: I will say this about the film, the action looks bad-ass awesome!



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