Buried writer Chris Sparling plots an Intrusion

With the 2010 film BURIED, screenwriter Chris Sparling (and directed Rodrigo Cortes) earned attention and accolades for managing to make a story about a man trapped in a coffin for the entirety of a feature length film an interesting and harrowing experience. 

Sparling's horror/thriller follow-ups, the claustrophobic ATM and the found footage THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, weren't as well received, but perhaps he can earn back some of the BURIED love with his thriller script INTRUSION, which was just purchased by the production company Good Universe.

INTRUSION centers on 

a woman who moves with her husband to a small town in Maine after a cancer scare and becomes the victim of a strange home invasion. She begins to uncover a darkness underneath her seemingly idyllic new life.

Interestingly, this is the second home invasion project for Sparling, as he recently wrote and directed the home invasion thriller MERCY, which has been acquired by Netflix.

Sparling will produce INTRUSION with Alexandra Milchan, Russell Hollander, and Josh Weinstock. Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake will executive produce.

Good Universe is now searching for the right director to take on INTRUSION. How about Rodrigo Cortes?

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see direct INTRUSION?
Source: Variety



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