Christopher Pike's book series The Last Vampire coming to the big screen

Christopher Pike's immensely popular book series THE LAST VAMPIRE has been picked up by producer Michael Preger and his team at Preger Entertainment in order to turn it into a film franchise. The Last Vampire series chronicles the life of the 5,000 year old "last vampire" named Sita.

Here's a bit from the press release:

Christopher Pike’s epic legend of “Sita,” introduces a character prone not only to great spiritual beliefs and human-like compassion, but also brutal and horrific acts of retribution -- in a world rife with ancient secrets, supernatural miracles and unimaginable peril. From the dark depths of her ancient origins to her present day chameleon-like existence, Sita’s world is very different than what most humans perceive. She is at once captivating and beguiling, due in part to her personification as a beautiful, intelligent, innocent appearing, contemporary girl-- who is in reality a 5000-year-old predator.

This is not the first time a film version of THE LAST VAMPIRE attempted to take flight; a movie was in the works back in 2010, but obviously that never left the ground.

No word on when we'll actually get to see THE LAST VAMPIRE do her thing.

Extra Tidbit: has anyone out there read THE LAST VAMPIRE books?



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