Deadpool 2's Julian Dennison the first new cast member for Godzilla vs. Kong

Deadpool 2 Julian Dennison

Teen actor Julian Dennison can currently be seeing sharing the screen with Marvel Comics characters and showing off mutant pyrokinetic abilities in DEADPOOL 2, and now he has just lined up a role in another studio blockbuster - this one the monster mash GODZILLA VS. KONG.

Set to be directed by Adam Wingard (YOU'RE NEXT, THE GUEST), GODZILLA VS. KONG is the film the Warner Bros. / Legendary "MonsterVerse" cinematic universe is building up to. The MonsterVerse began with 2014's GODZILLA, continued with last year's KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and next year's GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS will lead us to the crossover event.

Plot details are not yet available for the film, but I think the title pretty much says it all.

Dennison is the first new cast member to be announced for Wingard's film. The Hollywood Reporter notes that he will be co-starring with Zhang Ziyi and Van Marten, who will be returning to the MonsterVerse after their characters are introduced in GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS.

GODZILLA VS. KONG is set to be released on May 22, 2020, and I'm really excited for this one - excited just to see Godzilla and Kong have a rematch nearly fifty years after 1962's KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, and to see what a Godzilla / Kong movie directed by Wingard is going to be like.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to GODZILLA VS. KONG?
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