Delve into The Dooms Chapel Horror on June 14th

Tomorrow, June 14th, Brain Damage Films will be releasing director John William Holt's documentary-style film THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR onto DVD and VOD.

Written by Jason Turner, the film is set in western Kentucky and has the following synopsis: 

Kyle Cole travels home, with a documentary team in tow, to see his family for the first time in a decade. When he gets home, a string of events set in place a decade ago begins to unfold.

Bill Oberst, Jr., Austin Madding, Abby Murphy, Shaun Gerardo, Josh Robinson, Josh Cornelius, Steve Crowley, Allan Walters, and Wendy Keeling star. 

I'm not generally a fan of the found footage style, but I give these types of movies a chance from time to time because there is occasionally a great one to be found among the not-so-great. The trailer for THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR can be seen below, and while it promises that things will get quite intense for its characters, what I like the most about it is the down-home country look of the "older" footage that's cut in there.

If THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR looks like something you'd like to experience, you can order a DVD copy of your own on Amazon.

The Dooms Chapel Horror art

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