Exclusive 1:1 Interview with I, Frankenstein star Yvonne Strahovski!

Yvonne Strahovski is, without a doubt, the most beautiful electrophysiologist on the planet. Not in real life, naturally, but in I, FRANKENSTEIN, in which her character Dr. Terra is a scientist devoted to solving the mystery of life after death. And, wouldn't you know it, she finds herself a walking embodiment of the concept in the form of Adam (Aaron Eckhart), a creature struggling to find the meaning of his own existence after being built in a lab centuries ago by one Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

As you might expect, Yvonne is a vision in person, and a charming interview subject in the bargain. In the below interview, we talk about her grasp on the concept of electrophysiology (yeah, I put her on the spot), her fear of horror movies, and whether or not she could see herself playing a "Bride" to Eckhart's Frankenstein's monster…

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