Exclusive: Director Daniel Wilder discusses short film Mercury Screams

Daniel Wilder, writer of director Henrique Couto's film HAUNTING INSIDE, has made his own directorial debut with the short film MERCURY SCREAMS, and we've gotten our hands on a couple images from the film, along with the behind the scenes image featured above, which shows Wilder on set with star Sarah Zimmer.

Newcomer Zimmer is joined in the cast by Wayne W. Johnson, Roderick Klimek, Seth Chatfield, and Vic Sage.

MERCURY SCREAMS tells the following story: 

A young couple moves Upstate to escape a personal tragedy. Once in their new home an entity from a dimension just beyond our own makes his presence known, and reality is ripped asunder.

Shot in upstate New York by cinematographer Jon Caron, MERCURY SCREAMS is currently in post-production, with JB Sapienza composing the score.

Wilder provided an EXCLUSIVE quote about the short:

With MERCURY SCREAMS I tried to capture the essence of '70's era Occultism, mixed with the paranormal documentaries of the day and television programs such as 'In Search Of...' with a good ol' slice of European cult cinema melted over the top...hopefully I succeeded, and if folks dig this piece it is but a small part of a larger story, so maybe someday I can tell the rest!"

Release details have not yet been revealed, but we'll let you know when you'll have a chance to check out MERCURY SCREAMS.

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