Friday the 13th puzzle game coming to mobile devices in 2018

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Back in June, a puzzle game inspired by the '80s slasher boom was released on Google Play. Titled SLAYAWAY CAMP, the game allowed players to take control of a slasher called Skullface as he hacked his way through hapless victims. The game's developer, Blue Wizard Digital, is now working on another puzzle game inspired by '80s slashers, but this time they're working with one of the sub-genre's greatest icons: Jason Voorhees.

This new game is called FRIDAY THE 13TH: KILLER PUZZLE, and this is what it's all about: 

Help legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees stalk and slay innocent campers across 100+ puzzle levels in this all-new mobile game, coming to iOS and Android in Early 2018. From the campgrounds of Crystal Lake to the highrises of Manhattan, from supermax prisons to snowy ski resorts, Jason will terrorize victims across the world (and maybe even beyond).

Players control Jason by sliding him around an isometric puzzle level to attack his victims, either directly with a variety of weapons, or indirectly, by frightening them into environmental hazards like campfires, bear traps, and woodchippers. Gruesome reflex-based “Kill Scenes” punctuate the puzzling as you progress through multiple episodes, from classic campgrounds to more exotic locations such as Manhattan, abandoned amusement parks, supermax prisons, beach resorts, outer space and more.

This is an officially licensed product, being made with the blessing of FRIDAY THE 13TH rights holder Sean S. Cunningham (who directed the original film). Cunningham had this to say about the collaboration with the game's developers: 

I loved the balance of horror and humor the Blue Wizard guys brought to Slayaway Camp, and I’m thrilled to see their take on Friday the 13th."

FRIDAY THE 13TH: KILLER PUZZLE will be available to play on Android and iPhone devices sometime in early 2018. It will be free to play (or "free to slay"), and players will have the option of making purchases to enhance the gameplay.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be playing FRIDAY THE 13TH: KILLER PUZZLE?



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