Get possessed by the new trailer for Marcus Nispel's Exeter

Exeter Marcus Nispel

Last week we saw a very rough around the edges trailer for Marcus Nispel’s EXETER, a film about possession that seems to blend a little bit of THE EXORCIST with EVIL DEAD. That trailer was pretty terrible, I’m not going to lie. This one, however, is still pretty raw, but it’s kind of better than the one we saw last week. Progress! I still think this is just a terribly constructed trailer because it looks like there's a lot of good buried under all of that bad. Can you get earbola from a bunch of dude-bros shitting out terrible dialog?

The film will drop overseas on January 15, 2015. Here's what this one is about:

During a sex, drugs, and rock-fueled party, six small-town teenagers find an old vintage record and decide to play it backwards in order to listen for any subliminal/satanic messages. Lo and behold, a seemingly malevolent spirit quickly infiltrates the group, wreaking havoc as it moves from one body to another. Eventually, however, it’s revealed that the spirit in question is actually trying to convey a message… and that the real source of horror isn’t particularly paranormal, but rather something (or someone) much closer to home.

Gage Golightly, Brittany Curran, Stephen Lang, Kelly Blatz, Brett Dier, Nick Nicotera, Nick Nordella, and Michael Ormsby star.

Extra Tidbit: What do you make of this one?



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