Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shows how to build your own Proton Pack

With his female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot in the midst of production in Boston, director Paul Feig is currently a very busy man, but he's not using that as an excuse to leave fans monitoring his Twitter account out in the cold. A week ago, the filmmaker tweeted a picture of the uniforms his Ghostbusters team - Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones - will be wearing in the film, and has followed that up with a picture of the equipment they'll be wearing on the backs of those uniforms. The most important piece of equipment used in the busting of ghosts: the Proton Pack.

As everyone knows, a Proton Pack

functions by using a miniature cyclotron to concentrate protons by channeling though a "positron collider" and then to the neutrona wand, emitting way-fire positronic ionized stream of proton energy that polarizes with the negatively charged ectoplasmic entities which held them in the stream while active even if they are out of phase with reality.

Feig also posted a second version of the Proton Pack picture in which he has broken down exactly what each piece of the pack is, a handy guide for those who would like to build their own at home. Now, Feig did this after being inundated with questions from cosplayers so they can piece together screen accurate packs for their costumes, but if there are any real life Egons out there who have the scientific know-how to build an actual, functioning pack and access to the nuclear power cells required to run it... Please don't.

Also starring Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, Pat Kiernan, and Cecily Strong, Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS will be in theatres on July 22, 2016.

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