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The Arrow interviews Andrew Bryniarski

If you don't know who Andrew Bryniarski is, you surely know the face. He played the insane steroid-pumped football player in "The Program", the tough Russian henchman in "Streetfighter", a scary skinhead in "Higher Learning", a butt-kicking player in "Rollerball" and more! Andrew finally   entered the horror fold with his badass performance as Leatherface in the new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film (look for the DVD release on March 30th, 2004). I had the chance to rumble with the imposing, yet happy-go-lucky, party animal and here's what went down.

ARROW: Hey Andrew…John Fallon here from JoBlo.com/Arrow in the Head!

ANDREW: Very cool. I love the site!

ARROW: Thanks, man. First of all, I want to say congratulations on the success of the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

ANDREW: Right on, thank you very much and right back at you, because your site is very popular too.

ARROW: Thanks, dude. So were you surprised by the success of the film? Did you expect it?

ANDREW: I expected $100 million. I was very confident in the film and was very impressed with its marketing campaign.

ARROW: How did you get the part anyway? Did you lobby very hard for it?

ANDREW: I lobbied very hard for it. I saw Michael Bay at a Christmas party and we corresponded after that.

ARROW: Did you audition for it at all?

ANDREW: Oooooh yeah…I really fought to get that part.

ARROW: You actually got a lot of good reviews, for your performance alone.

ANDREW: Well, thank you very much.

ARROW: You were, pretty much, the first Leatherface who brought this psychological undercurrent to the part, where there was this resentfulness towards these teenagers, because he was deformed. And you really felt that come across the screen.

ANDREW: Thanks for noticing and being very insightful about that. You know, I was completely aware of the success of Gunnar’s performance and the people who tried and failed to capture the character’s pathos, as well as his motivation. But it was pretty clear to me when I met Marc (Nispel), that they had the dedication and how much time they had spent on it. They made it easy for me. The sets were incredible, the atmosphere was incredible and everyone was very focused and very determined to succeed in raising the bar.

ARROW: I heard from some of your co-stars that you went “method” on set. Care to expand on that?

ANDREW: Not at all. What did you hear?

ARROW: I heard that you were a scary man to be around…in between takes…

ANDREW: That comes with the territory. When you play a scary character very convincingly, people think that sort of thing. But for me, the thing is to find the heart to that character and the challenge. I really enjoyed the opportunity, it was a great gig and I never lost sight of that. It’s not really a character that you want to go “method” on…you have to be very conscious about what you’re doing, not just in terms of the performance, but conscious about the safety as well. There’s a lot of action, dangerous weapons…you really have to be paying attention and on top of your game.

ARROW: I heard that you might be scaring people some more in a TCM prequel in some format or another. Can you tell us something about that?

ANDREW: That would be wonderful. I anxiously anticipate hearing your take on that. In fact, I was supposed to receive a report on that yesterday…I would love to come back!

ARROW: Yeah, it would definitely be cool to see you in a prequel in which you’d have more room to work with your character.

ANDREW: Damn! It’s great to have validation like that from JoBlo.com.

ARROW: (laughs) No problem, man!

ANDREW: Thank you very much.

ARROW: When I met up with you at this year’s Fango Con, you mentioned a couple of movies in which you were also involved in as a producer. One of them was “Bloodline: The Legend of El Charro”.

ANDREW: Yeah, you can get more info on that film at www.prettydangerousfilms.com/elcharro/.

ARROW: So where’s that project at?

ANDREW: We just finished principal photography on the movie. The director is Rich Ragsdale and he’s doing the post-production. I can’t wait to see the final film. It was independently financed, we did it on our own.

ARROW: So there's no distribution deal yet?

ANDREW: Right, since it was done independently, we'll get to that after post-production.

ARROW: So what kind of character do you play in the film? The ultimate bad-ass?

ANDREW: (laughs) I actually find it very easy to play a scary guy, but in the real world, I don’t think of myself as the ultimate bad-ass…it makes me laugh.

ARROW: Yeah, but you’re a tall guy, imposing and all that…

ANDREW: (laughs) I know...I know...

ARROW: So what can you tell us about the film?

ANDREW: Let’s just say that it’s a horrifying movie. I don’t want to give too much away.

ARROW: Fair enough.

ANDREW: But thank you for asking.

ARROW: We’ll definitely keep tabs on your post-Leatherface work.

ANDREW: I appreciate it, John.

ARROW: Well, I’ll end off with the last question…

ANDREW: Would I like an arrow in the head?

ARROW: (laughs) You bet!

ANDREW: (laughs)

ARROW: The original TCM or the remake? Straight up…which one do you like the most? No PR shit…straight up.

ANDREW: (long pause) That’s not a fair question.

ARROW: (laughs) COME ON!

ANDREW: We really rode the back of a great, classic film and we have made a great film in the process that can stand on its own. I think they’re both great movies.

ARROW: Beautiful. Being a big fan of the original myself…I was taken by surprise when I went to see the remake…I didn’t expect to like it…

ANDREW: We were out to surprise you, that’s why you were surprised. I worked with great people who were highly motivated. Everybody was up for the task at hand.

ARROW: Well, that’s it for me, Andrew.

ANDREW: Hey man…I’m a big fan, so keep up the great work over there at JoBlo.com.

ARROW: Thanks a lot and keep kickin’ that ass on your end, bro.

ANDREW: I feel you, bro and I appreciate your support. Thanks.

ARROW: Be good.

ANDREW: You too.

I'd like to thank Andrew for his time and for the killer performance he gave as Leatherface. And one more thing, next time you're in Montreal Andrew, give me a call! Montreal remembers you since your last visit (the Rollerball days) and it misses you! Till then, keep kicking that ass!

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