Interview with Pacific Rim Stars Ron Perlman and Charlie Day!

In the massive new monster flick from Guillermo del Toro PACIFIC RIM, there are two actors who I’d have never expected to make such an entertaining duo. Charlie Day is absolutely hilarious in the hit series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Ron Perlman is great in pretty much anything. Put these two talented guys together and it is a blast to watch.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with both of these fine gentlemen before and it is always a pleasure. In PACIFIC RIM, the two have a very uniquely fun on-screen relationship and it works. It is nice to see Day in something so different from what we’ve seen him in before. And when is it not great to see Perlman in a del Toro flick? They are an incredible combo and once again, Perlman is absolutely fantastic here. And just in case you were wondering, stay for the end credits!

PACIFIC RIM opens this Friday, July 12th!

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