It's Kelsey Grammer vs. man-eating spiders in Nest 3D trailer

Nest 3D Li Bingbing Kimble Rendall

Exactly one year ago, we shared the news that BAIT director Kimble Rendall's man-eating spider movie NEST 3D was about to head into pre-production, so today seems a very appropriate time to share the completed film's trailer.

Headed up by RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION's Li Bingbing and THE EXPENDABLES 3 co-stars Kelsey Grammer and Kellan Lutz, the sci-fi thriller, which was the biggest budgeted Chinese/Australian co-production ever, tells the story of 

a team of scientists who while making the discovery of the century lose a colleague in an ancient labyrinth. The group must battle their way through a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders and discover the secret behind the insects’ power and intelligence - before it’s too late.

The cast also includes Stef Dawson, Shane Jacobson, and Wu Zun. Bingbing produced the film with Gary Hamilton, Ying Ye, Mark Lazarus, and Serena Deng. 

Judging by the trailer, NEST appears to be some good, mindless entertainment. It looks a lot like a MUMMY movie, albeit one where a mummy will never actually rise from its tomb.

Extra Tidbit: How does NEST 3D look to you?
Source: VidMe



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