It's the Booze Talkin', Ash vs. Evil Dead is looking Groovy!

Recently in this very column, I expressed my lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming Scream series. While I won’t go into the reasoning all over again, there is one series that I find myself excited for that is also based on a successful franchise. EVIL DEAD fans have been constantly teased with a new project, a new sequel, a new whatever. It can be pretty frustrating for those looking for a little Deadite action. And when you hear that you won’t be getting a feature film but instead getting a series, it seems a little ridiculous. THE EVIL DEAD as a series? Well perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing.

Let’s start off with the recent EVIL DEAD remake. Again, I was fully dreading the massacre of one of my favorite horror franchises. Yet somehow, the 2013 flick directed by Fede Alvarez managed to become one of my favorite horror flicks of that year. While it felt a tad more brutal than the first three films, THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD II and ARMY OF DARKNESS, there was something absolutely satisfying about this gruesome display. There were bits and pieces of what made the original three films so great spread throughout. And call me crazy, but I dug Jane Levy who kind of, sort of, replaced Bruce Campbell in the leading role.

Jumping back a bit, the one major problem I had with the trailers for Scream is that it really looks nothing like the SCREAM films. Sure it has some fun dialogue, but nothing that grabbed my attention. It looked like a cheap knock off. But what about the teaser for Ash vs. Evil Dead? It is impossible to mistake this brief glimpse of the series as anything but. Sure all we see is a puddle of blood, and Ash’s arm with his chainsaw hand ready to rip the flesh off of some nasty demons. And then the voiceover, “Ash is back, baby!” It may only be a twenty-one second clip, but it promises to be everything that EVIL DEAD stands for. I love this short, but sweet, teaser.

And what about the cast? While a few of these names I’m not terribly familiar with, I happen to think that both Mimi Rogers and Lucy Lawless are pretty damn special to the genre, and I’m more than thrilled to see both of these fine ladies involved. It also helps that both Sam and Ivan Raimi are involved in not only the creation, but as writers and directors as well. You’ve got Bruce Campbell and Robert G. Tapert as executive producers… Just typing all this makes me giddy with the promise of twisted demonic mayhem, and a hopefully welcome return to this wicked world created by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

What good would a television based Evil Dead be without the bloody goodness that runs deep within the veins of Ash and his demonic pals? Thankfully, with the series airing on Starz, we’ll be able to see something that hasn’t been cleaned up for family home viewing. And for those of you that weren’t necessarily thrilled with the seriousness that the remake took, you may be happy to know that Ash vs. Evil Dead is described as a “horror comedy series.” This may be great news for fans who missed the offbeat humor and disturbing charm featured in the original three films.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but Ash vs. Evil Dead looks groovy! You’ve got Bruce Campbell back as Ash, you have a kick ass supporting team featuring Mimi Rogers and Lucy Lawless - go Xena! And if the teasers tell us anything, we may have a horror comedy that is balls to the wall badass when it comes to Ash and his gore drenched battle with the evil Deadites. So grab your boomstick and pull out the old Necronomicon, because coming this fall, Ash vs. Evil Dead will hopefully be a bloody blast of greatness, and a welcome return for one cool ass anti-hero… Welcome back Ash!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Do you think Ash vs. Evil Dead will hit the Evil Dead spot?
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