Jake Johnson to get tangled in The Mummy, character details unveiled

More in bonkers casting news for Universals upcoming reboot of THE MUMMY: New Girl star Jake Johnson has signed on to join Tom Cruise, who is playing "a special forces soldier." Johnson will be playing another member of the military in a role written specifically for him.

It's hard to imagine that a funnyman like Johnson was the first choice for a movie like this, but he has been making a splash lately, most notably with his breakaway supporting role in JURASSIC WORLD. However, he's certainly the most unlikely ex-sitcom military member since John Krasinski in 13 HOURS. And ALOHA. You know what? Maybe this is just the new trend.

Cruise and Johnson are joined in the cast by KINGSMAN's Sofia Boutella, who is said to be playing the titular character and ANNABELLE's Annabelle Wallis, who is playing a scientist.

Unwrap THE MUMMY on June 9, 2017. Alex Kurtzman is directing and producing the film, which is part of Universal's massive plan to creature a shared universe with their "Classic Monsters" characters. PROMETHEUS co-writer Jon Spaihts is tapping out the script.

Annabelle Wallis
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