Jason Momoa reveals why he left The Crow reboot

It was just earlier today that we broke the frustrating news that THE CROW reboot, which was supposed to start filming in Budapest within the next five weeks, has been sidetracked indefinitely yet again with the departure of director Corin Hardy and star Jason Momoa.

Hardy had been attached to direct THE CROW for the last three and a half years and Momoa for the past eight (!) so how do the men feel about leaving the project? Well, potential Eric Draven replacement, Jason Momoa took to Instagram today to let us all know just why he pulled out of the film, writing:

I’ve waited 8 years to play this dream role. I love you Corin Hardy and Sony Pictures unfortunately I may have to wait 8 more. Not our team. But I swear I will. James O’Barr sorry to let you down I won’t on the next. This film needs to be set free. And to the fans. Sorry. I can’t play anything but what this film deserves and it needs love. I’m ready when it’s right. Love u Corin aloha j.

The initial reason that Momoa and Hardy left the project was said to be due to "creative and financial differences", which as we all know is a load of hogwash. We can only speculate what really went down to kill the film at this point, but is this really sad news after all? I mean it really seems like Momoa and Hardy had a ton of love for the property and that's fucking great to know, but did we really need another THE CROW reboot from the get-go.

May it's just for the best that a new version of THE CROW never gets off the ground. But whatever ends up happening, we'll let you know when we hear more!

Extra Tidbit: Are you sad to see this reboot fall apart?
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