Javier Botet to star in supernatural horror film Polaroid

Javier Botet

Even if you don't know the name Javier Botet, chances are you're familiar with his work. He has been showing up in films to play nightmarish characters for over a decade now, and he's even credited as "Nightmare Character" in THE REVENANT. He was terrifying in [REC], he was the title character in MAMA, he played three different ghosts in CRIMSON PEAK, he was THE CONJURING 2's Crooked Man. The list goes on, and will continue on into the future. We have more of Botet's work to look forward to in THE MUMMY, ANNABELLE 2, IT, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4, and more.

The latest film Botet has signed on to appear in is director Lars Klevberg's POLAROID. The actor announced this news himself on his Instagram account, sharing a picture of the film's script with his name watermarked on its pages.

A feature expansion of Klevberg's sixteen minute short film, POLAROID has been written by Blair Butler and 

focuses on a series of mysterious teen deaths and an old Polaroid camera with a secret, evil history: The kids start turning up dead after being photographed.

Chances are that Botet's character is some kind of creature involved with those deaths, but we'll have to wait and see. We also need to find out who the teen characters are being played by.

There should be more information on POLAROID coming out soon, if it's going to make the August 25, 2017 release date Dimension Films scheduled a few months back.

Extra Tidbit: Which is your favorite Javier Botet character?
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