Kane Hodder talks Hatchet III in new interview

While HATCHET III is still in early stages of production, Fangoria managed to get some new information from Victor Crowley himself, Kane Hodder. You can read parts of the interview below:

On HATCHET III director, BJ McDonnell:

"He was one of the camera operators on the first two HATCHET movies. He was the Steadicam guy—he shot the 360-degree kill of the ripping of the head—so he’s been involved with these films from the beginning. And Adam [Green] is gonna be there practically every day, so it’ll still be pretty much his movie."

On how the production is progressing so far:

"I don’t have the script yet; I don’t even know the story yet. Adam really keeps everything under wraps until the last second. But he tells me Victor’s gonna be more violent than ever. It’s hard to top what we’ve done before, but… And Danielle [Harris] is back, which is great. We’re gonna shoot the whole thing in New Orleans this time, instead of most of it in LA and going down to New Orleans for one or two days to get Mardi Gras stuff, and I can’t wait."

On the make-up effects for the movie:

"Robert Pendergraft worked for [John Carl] Buechler on the first one, and then he did the second one himself, and now he’s doing the third one."

There you go. Looks like the change in the director's seat won't affect the movie to any notable degree. We'll let you in on further details as production commences.

Source: Fangoria



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