Karl Urban continues Dredd sequel hopes

Karl Urban is keeping hopes alive that we'll one day see a sequel to last years DREDD, once again speaking out on the possibility that we will see a continuation in the future this past weekend at Comic-Con.

Back in March DREDD 3D producer Adi Shankar seemingly killed the hopes of seeing a big-screen sequel to the box-office dud but fan-favorite film in an AMA Reddit session, but that didn't stop the fight to see another film happen as fans took to the internet to demand the return of DREDD. We then learned that a DREDD 3D sequel would be coming our way in the form of a comic and waited to hear more on when we might see that happen. In the meantime, DREDD star Karl Urban has been keeping the fight for a sequel alive and back in May told Collider that he had recently been in touch with DREDD screenwriter Alex Garland and the idea of a sequel is "not off the agenda".

This past weekend at Comic-Con Urban spoke out on the potential sequel yet again, reiterating that he wants to make more DREDD films. Urban recalls the success of the film when it was released on DVD/Blu-Ray, stating...

"The home video sales just went through the roof. I think it sold 650,000 units in the first week."

That alone isn't enough to convince the powers-that-be that there will be money to be made if they go forward with another film. As for the sequel, Karl suggests that fans continue to take an active part in showing that there is an audience for the film, stating...

"I think the more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter and write into Lionsgate and say 'we want to see more of this', then the more likelihood that we'll get to see that...we certainly are doing everything we can to ensure that happens".

It's good to know that there are still people fighting for this, even though it may be a long shot. You can join the fight yourself by checking out the campaging to make a DREDD sequel on Facebook HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see a sequel to DREDD or are you resigned to the fact that it probably won't happen?
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