Killer doll Anna takes control in December

Anna Michael Crum

Director Michael Crum's killer doll movie ANNA reminds me of those mockbuster movies that were all the rage a while back, when films with titles like SNAKES ON A TRAIN or TRANSMORPHERS would be released on home video to coincide with theatrical releases that had similar titles, in this case SNAKES ON A PLANE and TRANSFORMERS. Close on the heels of this year's hit possessed doll film ANNABELLE: CREATION, we get this possessed doll film that just takes the ANNABELLE name and cuts it in half.

Starring Justin Duncan, Gerald Crum, and Rebekah Lynn Bruflodt, ANNA tells the following story: 

Jacob and Shawn are two unorthodox men trying to make it big on the internet as they devise a plan to steal a haunted doll from a haunted museum. After they have the doll they have planned to live seven days with the doll in a haunted house as well to set up, in their words "the most epic investigation into the paranormal realm". They find that most of the paranormal events happening around the doll is to women so they interview for women to help them in their investigation. This turns out to be a bust and can't get good help. Unknown to Shawn and Jacob the doll has been killing any woman that comes into the house. After nothing happens to them for awhile they decide to get help from a demonologist who ends up releasing the evil from within the doll. The evil commands the boys to now bring it women to kill. The boys try to use their not so bright wits against the evil as they fall into a cat and mouse game with an evil they don't know how to defeat.

ANNA will be available to watch on digital download as of December 11th in the UK. In anticipation of this release, a trailer has been put online and can be seen below. If you're in the UK and want to see ANNA (not ANNABELLE) in action, you only have a couple weeks to wait.

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