Lights Out & Arrival writer Eric Heisserer to head The Scrawl for TV

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer is nominated for an Oscar this year for writing the sci-fi-drama flick ARRIVAL. Good for him. For real. That flick was truly solid. But I already had soft spot for the man as he has written many a flick within our genre.

Still fuzzy on who the man is? Okay let's rattle off a list of the flicks Eric has written in the horror genre: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: THE REMAKE, THE THING: THE REMAKE, FINAL DESTINATION 5, and LIGHTS OUT.

Okay so maybe those aren't the best horror scripts to have on your resume, but whatever. I love FINAL DESTINATION 5 and writing ARRIVAL gets you a get out of movie jail free card for at least a decade or two. 

Anyway, Heisserer has come on board to executive produce the supernatural series THE SCRAWL. Here are the details of the series as far as we know at the moment:

“The Scrawl” is a one-hour drama series written by “Heroes Reborn” scribe Zach Craley, exploring the aftermath of collective negativity giving birth to an actual monster. The project is based on the South Korean movie “Killer Toon.”

Remember to tune into the Oscars this year to give one of the horror guys a little support. I'd like to see him win, of course, but mostly because I'd love to see "from the Academy Award winning writer" slapped over the title of re-releases of that horrible THE THING sequel/prequel thing.

Good luck, Eric!

Rooney Mara starred in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (2010)
Extra Tidbit: Pick a Heisserer flick: LIGHTS OUT or FINAL DESTINATION 5
Source: Variety



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