Marlon Wayans set to spoof found footage flicks next with Smart Ass

Well folks he's at it again. The man has already tackled slasher flicks and supernatural romps so why not found-footage? It seems the sub-genre is ripe for the picking so who better to pounce than Marlon Wayans?!

That's right ladies and gents! According to Variety the funnyman is working on a flick called SMART ASS, which will spoof found-footage flicks like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and THE DEVIL INSIDE.

While an actual synopsis isn't available just yet we do know that Wayans (right) will be directing alongside Mike Tiddes while starring in the flick with Essence Atkins. SMART ASS, which is being produced by Rick Alvarez and Lisa Blum, is actually filming right now in Los Angeles.

So what do you guys think? You ready for another spoof from half of the Wayans Brothers? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you think about SMART ASS as we await more details on the horror/comedy.

Extra Tidbit: Essence Atkins (above) and Marlon Wayans worked together before on the atrocious DANCE FLICK.
Source: Variety



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