Michael Biehn set to produce and star in Treachery

Two Biehn-related news items in one day means a good day around these parts.

First we heard about the cool new TV series that Michael Biehn may be a part of, "Hell Hunters", and now we're just starting to learn about a film he's producing and set to star in, titled TREACHERY.

The film captures the controversy between Henry and his estranged son, Nathan. Reunited at a friend’s small wedding party, in a remote cabin, Henry and Nathan have their usual awkward interactions. Nathan, accompanied by his girlfriend Cecilia, seeks his father's approval. Cecilia's presence only adds to Henry's discomfort, forcing him to want to leave, but a storm hits, trapping them in the cabin and headed for the worst along with the rest of the group. None of them really realize what is truly in store.

Hard to tell if this is just an intense drama or something more along genre-lines right now, but because The Biehn is involved, we'll keep covering this sucker.

In addition to Biehn, TREACHERY will star Jennifer Blanc Biehn (The Divide, “Party of Five”), Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave, The Philly Kid), Caitlin Keats (Kiss of the Damned, Kill Bill 2), Chris Meyer (Among Friends, Hard Breakers) and Matthew Ziff (Truck Stop, Little Kings)

The film is being produced by Jennifer Blanc Biehn, Paul Foley, Ryan Azevedo and Denny Kirkwood, Jason Sallee and Kate Rees Davies. Shooting is set to take place in Los Angeles starting in June 2012.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

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