Netflix acquires thriller The Open House, starring Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette Don't Breathe

In DON'T BREATHE, Dylan Minnette played a character who has some very bad luck while participating in a home invasion. In the thriller THE OPEN HOUSE, Minnette's bad luck in house-based stories continues. 

Written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, THE OPEN HOUSE follows 

a teenager (Minnette) and his mother who find themselves besieged by threatening forces when they move into a new house.

Piercey Dalton co-stars as the mother of Minnette's character.

Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to THE OPEN HOUSE, and the announcement of their acquisition includes mention of a release date that isn't too far off. THE OPEN HOUSE will be available for viewing on the Netflix streaming service as of January 19, 2018.

The synopsis is simple and vague, but it's interesting enough that I'm guaranteed to be watching THE OPEN HOUSE on Netflix in a couple months.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE OPEN HOUSE sound to you?
Source: Variety



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