Nuts Dementamania

Okay, kiddies, here comes our freaky-deaky, tripper, bug-biter flick of the week. Its tongue-twister of a title is DEMENTAMANIA and it is being described as a kafka-esque story of violence and listening to the dark hallucinations of our unconscious mind. I don’t know, I like my “freaky-deaky” description a little better : ) Why don’t you check out the plot below and be your own judge:

A successful young software engineer is bitten by a weird-looking bug in his apartment at breakfast one morning and by the end of day is trapped in a mad world of violent hallucinations.

That synopsis is just loaded with all kinds of out-there potential. Hopefully director Kit Ryan (BOTCHED) is envisioning lots of f*cked-up, scary imagery to fill the software engineer’s hallucinatory world. The flick was written by Anis Shlewet (crazy name!) and shooting is set to being in February 2009.

I’m really interested in seeing how this bad boy turns out and you can bet your trippin’ ass I’ll be keeping my bloodshot eyes open for more DEMENTAMANIA info as it creeps in.

She was in a movie about a guy that was bitten by a bug,

Source: Quiet earth



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