Orphan Still

Up until a few weeks ago I hadn't even heard of ORPHAN but this one is quickly making it's way up the 'most anticipated' list. I'm not just talking about my personal list either, so far everything we've seen from this bad boy seems to be getting fans stoked! Why? Maybe because we might actually have a 'scary' horror movie on our hands!

Alright... maybe I'm pushing it a little, but I can hope right?! ORPHAN deals with a husband and wife who recently lost their baby and adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be. And this thing is looking twisted! It recently scored an R rating and stars the gorgeous Vera Farmiga and the always great Peter Sarsgaard. Jaume Collet-Serra is directing with a script from David Johnson.

The newest still for OPRHAN popped up today and can bee seen above. Looks like little Esther is about to join up with her new family... and the fun is just starting! Keep it here for any other updates we hear for OPRHAN while we anxiously await it's July 24th release date.

Extra Tidbit: Vera Farmiga stars in two of my favorite movies: RUNNING SCARED and THE DEPARTED.
Source: Warner Bros.



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