Poster, trailer & synopsis for Pretty Dead, found-footage zombie thriller

What if you were institutionalized for cannibalizing several people? What if it happened because you were slowly morphing into a real life zombie? How would you convince people you were telling the truth?

Such a premise cruxes Benjamin Wilkins' found-footage zombie thriller PRETTY DEAD, for which we have a poster, trailer and plot break-down below. Do wise and soak that shite in long and hard...then tell us what you think.

Regina Stevens has just passed her Medical Licensing exam. Her boyfriend Ryan has just proposed. The hard work Regina has put in throughout her life seemed like it was beginning to really pay off. That was until she woke up one day with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, no pulse and an impossibly heightened ability to heal. While attempting to unlock the mystery of how she can have these symptoms and still be alive, Regina, and a somewhat reluctant Ryan, begin to discover links between a parasitic fungus called cordyceps and her new-found cravings for human flesh. Cravings they slowly learn will continue to intensify until they consume her mind, rendering her unconscious and helpless to keep the drive to feed at bay. Once the death count begins, Regina tries to end it, but fails. Her botched suicide attempt lands her in the custody of the State and under the care of Dr. Daniel Romera...

Carly Oates, Ryan Shogren, Quantae Love, Heather Anne Wood, Dave Matos, Joshua Grote, Daesha Lynn and Robert Keniston all appear in the flick, a date for which we're still awaiting.

Extra Tidbit: You sick of this found footage shite yet?
Source: AITH



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