Reaper Awards '09!

I bet you've been wondering - for a long time now - when the hell we're finally going to have an award show for horror DVDs and Blu-Rays... Wonder no more, friend, because last night such an award show went down! The Reaper Awards popped off its inaugural show last night in L.A., giving out "Grimmys" to the most deserving titles in the horror/fantasy/sci-fi genres. Apparently, the HELLRAISER box set was the big winner, walking away with "Best in Show" and "Best Packaging". That's like winning motherf*cking Best Picture and Best Director at the Oscars, yo!

Check out the list of other winners below. (And yes, the "Grimmys" are trophies fashioned like miniature Grim Reapers.)

• Best in Show: Hellraiser Box Set, Anchor Bay Entertainment

• Best Theatrical: The Last House on the Left (2009), Universal Studios Home Entertainment

• Best DTV Release: Alien Raiders, Warner Home Video

• Best Re-release: Friday the 13th: Deluxe Editions (Parts 1-6), Paramount Home Entertainment

• Best Boxed Set or TV Series: Dexter: The Complete Third Season, Paramount Home Entertainment/CBS/Showtime

• Best Indie/Foreign: [REC], Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

• Best Slasher (tie): Laid to Rest, Anchor Bay Entertainment; The Last House on the Left (1972), 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/MGM

• Best Vampire/Werewolf: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

• Best Zombie: Quarantine, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

• Best Ghost Story: The Haunting in Connecticut, Lionsgate

• Best Packaging: Hellraiser Box Set, Anchor Bay Entertainment

• Best Re-mastering: Hellraiser, Anchor Bay Entertainment

• Best Blu-ray Disc: Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

• Lifetime Achievement: Michael Felsher, Red Shirt Pictures

LAST HOUSE's Sara Paxton

Extra Tidbit: While the nominees were voted on by a committee, the winners were decided by the movie-loving public.



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