Release date, one-sheet & trailer all fly in for the Canadian thriller The Corridor

I love Canada. Mainly because most Canadian women are smoking hot! But also because our neighbors to the north have brought us some pretty solid flicks. So it's with that in mind that I've come to you today with the latest update on Evan Kelly's THE CORRIDOR.

Now we've told you about this Canadian thriller before but today we've got a massive update for you guys that I just couldn't keep from you! Not only do we have a new poster for this thing... Not only do we have a new trailer... But we've got a release date as well! Excited? You should be!

You can go ahead and tap those goods directly below, with the trailer also up over in our videos section. As for the release date.. Well according to IFC Midnight this shite will be dropping this little diddy on March 30th. Now we don't really have word on whether THE CORRIDOR will get a theatrical release or if it'll be heading straight to video-on-demand and/or DVD and Blu-Ray. As soon as we get news on this thing's exact release we'll be sure to update you guys - But for now March 30th works for me!

In THE CORRIDOR, Tyler Crawley's mother has recently passed away, and she's taken a piece of her son's mind with her. Tyler has had a complete breakdown. When his friends try to help, one of them finds himself with a knife through his hand, landing him in an institution. Now, nearly one year after his mother's death, he is being released. In an attempt to rebuild lost friendships, Tyler's friends arrange for a weekend getaway at his mother's old country house. There they will scatter her ashes, bond and heal. Things spiral into hell when the group encounter something in the woods nearby, an energy field of some sort, a corridor possibly between dimensions, or something else. They don't know what it is, but standing inside it makes them feel damn good. Stronger, smarter, healthier than they've ever felt. It also kicks a sting into their senses. Their hearing, vision, smell and taste sharpen, but also something else. The corridor has given them a window into each others' minds, and with that, into each other's jealousies, resentments, fears and neurosis. Tempers flare. Confusion builds. Violence explodes, again and again. Terrifyingly random acts begin to occur.

So what do you guys think? THE CORRIDOR, which stars Stephen Chambers, James Gilbert and David Patrick Flemming, look like something you'd tap? Spit some bullets below and let us know how you're feeling about this one as we wait for more updates to spill our way.

THE CORRIDOR (2010) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: THE CORRIDOR is Evan Kelly's feature debut.
Source: IFC Midnight



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