Robotic sci-fi short film Archetype tapped to become feature film

Have you guys ever heard of a sci-fi short film called ARCHETYPE? Well you're about to!

Coming from the mind of Aaron Sims, ARCHETYPE is a short film released earlier this year about a malfunctioning robot. Here's a better description:

The Archetype short tells the story of an eight-foot tall combat robot named RL7 that malfunctions during a mission, developing unexplained memories, causing its creators to investigate its odd behavior.

The short ends with concept paintings detailing the robot on the run while being chased by various metallic constructs.

Sounds decent enough, right? Well The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog has CHRONICLE producer John Davis snatching up ARCHETYPE with plans to make it into a feature. Sounds good to me!

Davis has already tapped ARCHETYPE creator Aaron Sims with the task of directing the full-length feature. Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy will be penning the script with John Norris producing alongside Davis.

So what do you guys think? ARCHETYPE have some potential? Why don't you take a look at the short film directly below to help give you a better idea about this one. You can also tap that shite over in our videos section.

As always we'll be right here bringing you any updates that crawl our way regarding ARCHETYPE but in the meantime why don't you spit some bullets below and let us know what you think about this one.

ARCHETYPE (2012) - Short Film

Robots can be sexy too!

Extra Tidbit: Aaron Sims has worked with both Stan Winston and Rick Baker.
Source: Heat Vision



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