Scott Free, Focus International readies sci-fi horror Fog from Stephen Fingleton

Executive producer Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free has earmarked Stephen Fingleton’s invasion film FOG (working title) as the likely first project on its anticipated genre slate, according to Screen Daily, which it is set to co-produce alongside Focus Features International and Orchard Capital.

Writer-director Fingleton is close to delivering a first draft to Scott Free, with the film being budgeted in the $2m range, tentatively scheduled to shoot in Northern Ireland in early 2014.

Not much is known about FOG at the moment but we do have the following short synopsis:

FOG charts a family’s battle against a supernatural higher intelligence during a trip to London.

Fingleton also wrote THE SURVIVALIST, which is set to be produced by Robert Jones and recently topped the UK Brit List, a selection of the UK’s hottest scripts in development.

We'll bring you more on FOG as it develops.


Extra Tidbit: So does FOG sound intriguing to you at all?
Source: Screen Daily



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