Scream season 2 shakeup: New showrunners brought in


Let me be honest right up front: I didn't see a single episode of MTV's Scream series. Not that I was fundamentally against it, I just never caught up to it after it had left the station. Reviews were decidedly mixed - our own Jake Dee seemed to generally dig it - but unfortunately none of the word-of-mouth made me actually pick up the clicker and summon the show to my television. (And yet I'm watching Scream Queens. Go figure.)

Whatever you thought of the first season, it's worth noting the second season might have a different look. It has been announced that original showrunners Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia have been replaced by Michael Gans and Richard Register (Make It or BReak It, Celebrity Deathmatch). Blotevogal will stay on as a "consultant."

Evidently this won't be surprising to the main parties involved. When MTV renewed the series back in July, this changing of the guard was part of the deal. Whether or not MTV was happy with how things turned out is up in the air, I couldn't tell you. Clearly they liked the numbers Season 1 brought in, but perhaps the network wants Scream to move in a direction more to their liking.

Scream Season 2 should premiere sometime next summer.


Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the first season of Scream?
Source: Deadline



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