SDCC: The Walking Dead banner shows October 22nd premiere date

This year's Comic Con - or SDCC - kicked off today so expect a ton of cool info to be heading your way throughout the next week or so in mass droves... Kinda like zombies!

Speaking of which, the first bits of info we are getting out of this year's Con are the poster - and premiere date - for THE WALKING DEAD (October 22nd) and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, both via AMC.

You can check out both pieces of artwork below and then make sure to let us know what you think of them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

THE WALKING DEAD season 8 premiere coincides with the series’ 100th episode if you are into trivia of that brand. Personally, I stopped watching the series (again) after the first episode of the seventh season. I just HAD to know who the Comedian came in and killed off with his spiked bat like "Bow!"

THE WALKING DEAD S8 premieres on AMC October 22nd.

Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned to AITH for more SDCC news!
Source: AITH



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