Sleeper stills

Last month Mike hit us all with this new slasher coming out called SLEEPER. Now it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of slashers and this one actually sounds pretty damn good: Enigmatically silent, and driven by love, the man known as Resnik was imprisoned for butchering another man and kidnapping the young girl at the heart of his obsession, Kelly. For the safety of his fellow inmates, Resnik was only ever allowed to wake, eat, and exercise alone, after darkā€¦ and he learned to like it.

Now having escaped during a midnight transfer, Resnik is headed back to Moonlight Bay, and Detectives Raynor and Molloy have only 12 hours to stop him before the sun goes down and the carnage begins, again.

Sounds pretty decent right? The only downfall I see is it's star: former wrestler Scott "Raven" Levy. I just don't see him as a potential horror movie slasher... then again I'll hold some hope for when I see a trailer. Well today Bloody Disgusting scored some stills from the flick. Get a glimpse of a couple above and below, just click through to check them all out.

SLEEPER also stars Kym Jackson, Bruce Hopkins, and Ty Hungerford. It's written and directed by Dru Brown. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more on SLEEPER.

Source: Bloody-D



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