Take a hit of Pierce Brosnan in this trailer for Urge

Urge Pierce Brosnan Ashley Greene Danny Masterson

Patrick Stewart isn't the only British thespian turning to the dark side this year (as he does in the violent punk spectacle GREEN ROOM). Ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan will step into those shoes in URGE, in which he plays a sinister nightclub owner. Check him out in this new trailer, which details exactly how following your urges can go terribly wrong. See it below!

Also starring Ashley Greene, Danny Masterson, Alexis Knapp, Justin Chatwin, and DRAG ME TO HELL's Alison Lohman, URGE goes like this:

A weekend getaway takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious nightclub owner (Pierce Brosnan) introduces a group of friends to a new designer drug. Stripped of their inhibitions, they start living out their wildest fantasies - but what starts out as a fun night of partying quickly turns deadly, as the island paradise deteriorates into a tropical madhouse.

URGE was directed by former Robert Rodriguez producer Aaron Kaufman, who also co-wrote with Jason Zumwalt and Jerry Stahl. Explore URGE on June 3rd, 2016.

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