The deep sea horrors of Japanese manga 6000 are coming to the screen

All Nippon Entertainment Works has several adaptations of Japanese properties in development. They're working on a remake of the anime GAIKING with THE WALKING DEAD producer Gale Anne Hurd, they're turning the manga SOUL REVIVER into a film directed by Edward Zwick, and they've partnered with Paul and Chris Weitz for remakes of Takeshi Furusawa's GHOST TRAIN and Naoki Hasimoto's BIRTHRIGHT.

Add another one to the list, as ANEW has now joined forces with producers Mike Medavoy, Edward McGurn, and Ben Anderson for an English-language film based on the Gentosha Comics manga 6000: ROKUSEN.

Created by Nokuto Koike, 6000 is set

6000 meters below the ocean’s surface at a research facility where a mysterious disaster killed the crew and shuttered the station. When a new team is sent down to get the operation running again three years later, tension builds as they struggle against the claustrophobic environment, their own deteriorating minds and danger lurking in the depths.

Koike is all for the idea of his work getting the Hollywood movie treatment:

“I grew up watching Hollywood Films, which inspired me to become a comic author. So for me, 6000 is a homage to the American movie culture, and also a horror story for anyone, like me, who struggles through hopeless situations.”

Sounds good to me, especially since the setting makes me think of the 1989 film LEVIATHAN, an underwater variation on THE THING that I watched many times during my childhood.

Producer Medavoy's BLACK SWAN stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

Extra Tidbit: Will you be diving into 6000?
Source: Variety



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