The Legend of Conan lands a new writer

So it certainly seems that the long-awaited THE LEGEND OF CONAN is moving forward, with recent updates giving us a lot of reasons to be excited. I know that I've been stoked to see this happen and knowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is onboard to reprise his iconic role makes this easily one of my most anticipated films. The only thing that could be better would be to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women, but that's just me...

Yesterday brought us an interesting update on THE LEGEND OF CONAN, straight from the mouth of producer Fredrick Malmberg who shared that Schwarzenegger was heavily involved in the story development phase. Now Deadline is reporting that Universal has hired Andrea Berloff to take a stab at screenwriting duties. Berloff is best known for scripting WORLD TRADE CENTER and most recently adapted the French action film SLEEPLESS NIGHT for Warner Bros. She is also writing a retelling of the King Arthur myth for Disney. Very busy, indeed!

The franchise got a fresh start last October, when Universal and Schwarzenegger got involved, largely because of the passion of Chris Morgan, the scribe/producer who has minted money at the studio writing FAST & FURIOUS films. He was the one who decided to draw a parallel right back to the original raw, violent CONAN films, which ended with the image of the barbarian king sitting atop his throne. The new film is about 'his efforts to stay there and the final cycle of a life spent obliterating anyone who got in his way'. THE LEGEND OF CONAN is being produced by Fredrik Malmberg through Paradox Entertainment and Morgan & Emile Gladstone through their Chris Morgan Productions banner.

Hopefully we'll be hearing much more about this film in the coming months. I'm already excited!

Extra Tidbit: Are you as stoked as we are for a new CONAN film?
Source: Deadline



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