The trailer for Rings will emerge soon!

Rings F Javier Gutierrez Bonnie Morgan Johnny Galecki

When last we heard from RINGS, the second sequel to Gore Verbinski's American J-horror remake THE RING, it was still set for release this year on October 28th. However, it's been getting dangerously close to that date without a peep. Given the recent trend of constantly reshuffling anticipated horror movie premiere dates, it wouldn't have been surprising to hear that RINGS had been pushed back to 2017 or consigned to VOD Hell.

However, we might actually be getting good news in the next couple days! According to director F. Javier Gutierrez, a trailer is right around the corner. His announcement Tweet (embedded below) would seem to imply that the preview will drop on August 24th, but we'll just have to wait and see see if anything crawls out of the wellwork on that day.

All I'm asking is that, for once, we actually get a franchise movie on the date we've been promised. You wouldn't think that would be a tall order.

Written by Akiva Goldsman, David Loucka, and Jacob Aaron Estes, RINGS was executive produced by Guillermo del Toro.

The film stars Matilda Lutz, Aimee Teegarden, Alex Roe as an unlucky fellow who watches the cursed video tape at the center of the franchise, Johnny Galecki as a pleasure-seeking professor, and Bonnie Morgan as the vengeful specter Samara, pictured below.

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