The Walking Dead Escape returns to San Diego Comic-Con!

After its successful 2012 debut at San Diego’s Petco Park, "The Walking Dead Escape" will return to Comic-Con this July!

This will nearly wrap up a national tour "Escape" has been on; it hit L.A., Houston, Atlanta and Minneapolis already, and will show up in Hartford on June 28th. Following its appearance at Comic-Con, "Escape" will venture to Miami on October 25th, as well as Tampa, Jacksonville and New Orleans on undisclosed dates.

The course, which has already thrilled tens of thousands of participants since its debut, allows fans to participate as “Walkers" or “Survivors" as they climb, crawl, and slide their way through various zombie- infected evacuation zones. Those lucky enough to make it to the decontamination zone will have their level of infection assessed and then participate in the event’s Fan Experience.

Those participating as Walkers will be transformed into the undead by professional makeup artists, and they'll receive “zombie training” prior to their release on the course. Keeping in the spirit of entertainment and accessibility to all, The Walking Dead Escape is not a race, and its participants will not be timed or required to run.

Get your running shoes on!

Extra Tidbit: Have you checked out "The Walking Dead Escape" yet? Are you planning to?



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