The Walking Dead season finale will contain a bombshell, Glen Mazzara promises

Even though he's on the way out, former "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara seems happy to chat about the series. And why shouldn't he; the third season, which Mazzara oversaw the development of, is offering some of the best episodes of the series thus far. It's unfortunate that he and AMC could not see eye to eye on the future of the show (and one has to wonder what the hell is wrong with the network for messing with a good thing), but Mazzara remains confidant in the series' upcoming twists and turns.

One thing in particular Mazzara appears eager about is the Season Three finale, which will arrive in a few short weeks. In an interview with Scenestr., Mazzara was asked about the show's transition from himself to Scott M. Gimple (just confirmed as the new head honcho), and his answer makes me optimistic for what is coming up.

Well, the next guy, Scott Gimple, has been involved for a while. And Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero, the creative team, were all producers on Season 3. So there's no material there that is surprising to them. They were involved in developing that material. That being said, listen... the season finale will be a bombshell, as you say. We wouldn't be The Walking Dead if we didn't push the storytelling every week.

So those folks have their work cut out for them, you know? Hopefully the ratings will hold for this season and at the end of my run they'll be in a position to have a successful Season 4. We'll see what happens.

The interview has plenty of other interesting tidbits from Mazzara, who it should be said doesn't seem at all bitter about his split from "The Walking Dead'. To check the entire thing out, head over HERE.

"The Walking Dead's" Lauren Cohan

Extra Tidbit: Any theories as to what this "bombshell" could be?
Source: Scenestr



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