Trailer: Fiona Dourif plays a twisted family game in Blood Is Blood

Blood Is Blood Fiona Dourif Stuart Sauvarin

The daughter of horror icon Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif is continuing to follow her father into the genre, a path that has so far taken her through episodes of True Blood, CURSE OF CHUCKY, FEAR CLINIC, and ENCLOSUREHer latest is a psychological thriller called BLOOD IS BLOOD, in which her character endures the trauma and horror of being part of a very strange family.

The feature debut of writer/director Stuart Sauvarin, BLOOD IS BLOOD has the following synopsis: 

For privileged siblings Brie, Daniel, Crew and Jess family has always come first. But when Crew (Daniel DiTomasso) invites his girlfriend Sara (Kate French) into the family, distrust begins to bubble between the siblings. Seeing Sara as a threat, Brie grows spiteful and suspicious that she is being replaced… That is until the night Crew attempts to murder her in their family house. Traumatized, Brie is sent to a mental facility where she is tormented by hallucinations of Crew from the night of the attack. But when the visions begin to bleed into reality, Brie starts to fear that it's not just her sanity that’s in danger, and she flees the facility. In a frantic attempt to return to her remaining siblings and warn them, Brie begins to uncover a trail of gory, sinister secrets that leads her to question whether she knows her family as well as she thought.
BLOOD IS BLOOD weaves the threads of a layered and complex tapestry of murder mythology, Japanese origami lore, and a twisted family game that never has to end as this sinister story sets the stage for a BLOOD IS BLOOD franchise. After all, it runs in the family. And a family that slays together, stays together.

The first ever "digital original" acquisition for Multicom Entertainment Group's horror channel banner ThrillGoreTV, BLOOD IS BLOOD is set to receive an HD Digital and VOD release on September 1st.

Two trailers, both of which can be seen below, have arrived online to give you a taste of the film's madness before its release, one "clean" and the other a red band trailer that runs four seconds longer. This looks to be quite a strange movie, and I was on board to check it out as soon as I saw that it stars Dourif.

Extra Tidbit: How does BLOOD IS BLOOD look to you?



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