Trailer: Molly fights her way through post-apocalyptic Thunderland

Molly Julia Batelaan Colinda Bongers Thijs Meuwese

Earlier today, I shared the trailer for the James Franco / Milla Jovovich film FUTURE WORLD, a star-studded throwback to the days of MAD MAX-inspired exploitation films. Now I already have a trailer for another post-apocalyptic adventure to share with you all - this one being directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese's MOLLY.

Recently acquired by Artsploitation Films for a summer 2018 release in the U.S., MOLLY tells the following story: 

In a future world canvassed with despair and violence, there's a post-apocalyptic girl named Molly, and she is humanity's final hope. The stories are true, she is a great female warrior who has overcome all adversities and survived despite insurmountable odds.  She is what legends are made of.  Now, a sadistic ringmaster who orchestrates an underground fight club has heard of her supernatural abilities and has sent his marauders to hunt her down to become the next big attraction of Thunderland.

Artsploitation President Ray Murray described the film as a "fun, fast and furious" actioner.

Julia Batelaan plays the lead character, and you can see her kicking ass in the trailer below.

Not only does MOLLY look like a fun time, but its climactic sequence is apparently quite an impressive achievement. Online trivia claims that the final confrontation is presented in one uninterrupted take that lasts for 32 minutes, and while I can't confirm whether that is true or not, MOLLY has received high praise for its action sequences / fight scenes.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this one when Artsploitation releases it.

Extra Tidbit: How does MOLLY look to you?



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