Trailer released for sci-fi horror film Dark Light, starring Jessica Madsen

Dark Light Padraig Reynolds Jessica Madsen

I get the feeling that writer/director Padraig Reynolds was a fan of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE. If he wasn't a fan of the film itself, he was definitely impressed by a couple of the actresses who starred in it. Reynolds cast LEATHERFACE heroine Vanessa Grasse as the lead in his upcoming film OPEN 24 HOURS, and his next movie beyond that is the sci-fi horror project DARK LIGHT, which stars Jessica Madsen. She played one of the antagonistic teenagers in LEATHERFACE.

Madsen gets to play the heroine in DARK LIGHT. The film has the following synopsis: 

Following her mother's death and a painful divorce Annie (Madsen) and her daughter move back to her childhood home. At first, everything seems fine but then tragedy strikes again when on a foggy night Emily goes missing from her bedroom. Annie claims that she saw something come from the darkness and take Emily… a creature. Nobody believes her. But when Emily's body is not found Annie becomes the prime suspect and is sent to a correctional hospital. Annie must now escape the hospital and return to the house to confront the creature that she believes has stolen her daughter…

Although there are no release plans to share for DARK LIGHT at this time, a trailer and poster for the film have been released online and can be seen below. It looks to me like this could be a fun creature feature.

Reynolds' work certainly makes for interesting trailers, so I'm looking forward to seeing both of his upcoming movies. 

Dark Light Padraig Reynolds

Source: YouTube



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